3 Expectations That Will Impact Your Business

Have you ever wondered why customers come to you instead of your competitors? Do your prospects consider your business before the competition? Do you know what makes your business different from your competitor down the street? What do you do that keeps them returning instead of going to the competition? If you haven’t asked yourself those questions perhaps it is a good time to take a look at your business and what makes it different from the one down the street.

There are 3 expectations that customers have that will impact your business. One is really easy to execute, the other two take a lot of skill, talent and knowledge to create results. By violating just one of these expectations, it will cost you customers and business opportunities that not only impact the consideration of doing business with you but also your reputation.

Expectation #1-Your location: Customers expect that your location is clean, bright and organized. When they walk in the first thing they evaluate is how clean are the floors, are they swept or vacuumed, is there dust on the furniture, are the windows and glass smudged, are the work areas free of clutter. If you have product is it functional, clean and clearly marked with description and price; does the layout make sense for the customer to understand. They will notice if the location is organized, free of clutter and inviting for clients. When a business takes pride on how it looks it will take pride on how they work with their clients, with the employees and how they value their products. If the business is organized you know they serious about their business and how they take care of their customers.

Expectation #2-Proficient Employees: The second determining factor, the employees. Good employees make you feel welcome, they give you the sense they understand your needs and will be able to provide you with a solution. It is so important that they develop a rapport by greeting and engaging the customer so that they can learn more about them and their situation. The key to solving the problem is their ability to listen to what you are saying and not offer solutions until they have gathered all information they can so that they can provide you what options that will work best for you. What makes this an enjoyable experience is that they are showing interest, they care, they are evaluating your situation and with their knowledge and skills they are assessing potential solutions to solve your problem; they listen to you.

Expectation #3-Resolutions: You came in for a solution to your problem. The employee will evaluate the information they have received from you and start to provide solutions. There may be only one, but if there are more options that may solve the problem they will provide you with the information that will allow you to make a good decision. As the employee presents you with options, they will guide and assist you on each, give you the pros and the cons, the impact it will have on the problem and discuss with you which one will provide you with the best results. If for some reason they are unable to solve the problem they should recommend someone who can help; that does not diminish their credibility but creates the willingness to provide solutions they may not be equipped to handle. Because of their ability to be resolution minded this will keep customers coming back. They solved or helped solve your problem.

There are the 3 expectations that your customers are evaluating about your business. Does your business invite your customers into a clean, bright, organized establishment? Do your employees engage and listen to your customers to learn more about them and their situation to help solve their problems and create clients? Does your business provide solutions that will keep your customers coming back? If one of these three factors is missing from your business chances are you are losing customers and losing business opportunities.

It is pretty easy to make sure your location is clean, bright and organized. The other two are based on the importance of having the right people in the right position to do the right thing for your customer. The people part of your business is the most important aspect, takes the most training and coaching. Your employees are the most important asset of your company so if your employee is not prepared to provide your client with the information needed to solve their problem your competitor down the street will.